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Go from Forte II up to Chorus II?


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One last issue you bring up. $700 on Chorus II....For that price they'd better be "MINT". Not that they're not worth it but more along the lines of the current market values. I see a lot of them selling in the $400-$550 range.

I've seen them go as high at $900. $400 models will likely be Chorus Is. Quality Chorus IIs usually go $600 to $800 in most cases.

I too have seen them sell a lot cheaper than $900. But CapZark uses an important word: Quality. Don't let my or anyones elses price advice make you miss out on a nice pair of speakers. Use the advice to guide you so you don't end up buying a pair of James Limborg's Chorus IIs with a buy it now price of $5000 on ebay!!!

But on the other hand if you plan to keep them for years than really what is a little more money if you find a pair of minty Klipsch speakers?

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As long as corners are not a problem, I would much rather have 4 Forte IIs than a pair of Chorus IIs.

As far as the Adcom is concerned, there is absolutely nothing wrong with an Adcom 2 channel pre-amp, period !!

I am specifically talking 2 channel, or stereo pre-amp, or multi channel stereo here, as surround sound processer pre amp is another animal altogether...

The amplifier section is another story. I have seen it posted here time and time again that a different Pre amp, and more specifically a tube pre-amp will make more of a difference than an amp. I am here to tell you that those people are full of crap. If you need to spend money, you need a better amp, not a better pre-amp period. There are alot of people on here with a higher post count that will argue and again I say they are full of crap and are talking out of their sphyncter!


I agree with this notion. Solid state pre amps can be made to sound incredible, but the power amps will give you much greater variance, which is third, behind the speaker (2 nd place) and the ROOM (gets first place in importance).

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