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Another digital camera question - Point & Shoot


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As mentioned earlier and what you went thru picking out your camera. See if you can take your mom to the store or a few and see which ones see likes the best. It still has to fit her hands and she has to be comfortable with it or it will just sit at home and she will still be using the disposable ones. I know that you would take the time to show her how to use it but she still has to be comfortable with it.

When I purchased a digital camera for my gf she liked it but has only now started to carry it around with her all the time, this is after a few years of owning it. Now my mom is another story and she will keep using her 35mm camera so I'm not even going to try.


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Have you made a decision on which Camera ?

This has opened (for me), another can of Worms..................strongly looking at the Lumix Cameras now.................don't need another one,

but , gosh they look great and do so much more...............AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.[:^)]

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Thanks for all the great suggestions, everyone! A co-worker here has a Fujifilm J38 which they let me try out, and it seemed ideal for mom. Mostly because the back of it barely has any buttons to overwhelm her:


Hopefully, she'll enjoy it (and learn to use it!!). I'm in the market myself for a more portable camera...mine gets a little heavy on family outtings... and many of these mentioned look great.

Clermontcop....your offer is tempting me greatly....

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Congrats !...................Hope your Mom has a Great Time with It.

Cameras in that Price range...............makes you Dizzy just trying to Compare.

I am really looking at the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7S. Makes me think of the Ronco Commerical...............Just Set it, and forget it............

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