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Thorens TD-166mk2 What do I do now

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By "twisting" the cartridge, what do you mean? Setup is very important for good vinyl playback. Go to vinyl engine and print out a two point protractor, if you haven't already done so. You'll be happy you did.

The tp 62 or 63 tone arm tube that is on the tp 11 tone arm allows the cartridge to twist around a little. It just looked like it wasn't quit square with the vinyl. they say to use a mirror but its still hard to tighten the head shell with out it twisting, I know how important it is to get these setup so they don't ruin the vinyl and or stylus. I will look into this two point protractor. Thanks for the tip I need all I can I have been using some off of the owners manual but that is the closest I can get it with that.


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Quick up date, new shelf, feet, the Ed Saunders stylus still sounds great, bass is nice and tight. I still have little rumble sound at certain spots that I think are do to a bent motor shaft. But man it still puts cds to shame. All upgrades other than stylus are courtious of friends, so I can't go wrong. The next thing is a belt, and if I could find someone locally to stop by and help me properly setup the suspension. I have tweaked it a little made some what tighter, level, etc, etc. I think after doing all of this I need to re align my cart since the left side seems to have more out put. But all in all I love this hobbie with in a hobbie. I mgiht take in another step and get some cork since its not that much and put between the suspension, and make a mat. But we will see I have always enjoyed stuff how they were intended.

signing out


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Like you, I picked up one of these on my first step back to vinyl. I bought an Ortofon OMC20 cartridge with threw away the AT and replace the belt.

Mine even have the silver base like yours. I did two things (besides reoiling) that I feel really improve th rhythm and pace of the sound:

1. Add dynamat to the metal plinth.

2. Built s heavy base for it.

Try the dynamat route first, its fairly cheap and you will like it.

Following this, I picked up a TD125MK1 with the EMT lookalike arm. I use it with a NOS Shure V15 type 4. I like the TD166MK2's sound better. But then again, I am using the TD125 stock. Still regret selling the 166 to a local gentleman and fellow Marquette alum.

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