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Low power SET amp. RF-7 a good match?


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I'm planning to build a 8 to 10 watt SET amp. Need a good new (not used) high-efficiency speaker that will allow the smooth transparent sound of a SET to come through.

Does anyone in this forum actualy own a low-power SET amp and own a RF-7? If so, how does the SET + speaker sound? Is the sweet sound of the SET compromised in any way by the RF-7?

Or should I look elsewhere, maybe for Lowthers?

Looking for comments from people who really do own, and have lived with, a low-power SET and one of the newer model currently-in-production Klipsch speakers.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

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There are a few that own SET amps within this forum but almost all, without fail, employ the vintage Klipsch horns with the Khorns, Cornwall, LaScalas, and Belles leading the way (a few have Heresy as well).

There are also a few with low powered PP using the RF series but I cant think of too many with modern Klipsch that delve into the Single digit SET amps.

I ran a pair of Welborne Labs 2A3 monoblocks on ProAc Mini Towers for quite awhile before finally finding some vintage horns, in this case, an Alnico mid/tweet 77 Cornwall I. As you could imagine, it was beautiful sound exhibiting amazing clarity and tone, with nice bottom and top. But no, it did not totally "sing" and let go of the notes.

I have heard rumors (denied by the Klipsch PR and others however), that the modern RF series is not as easy a load as believed. Supposedly, the sensitivity ratings are not quite as high either. Again, I have no proof here, it's just what has been told. So take it with grain of proverbial salt.

No help here except to say that in the 8-10w range, you have more of a selection than the 45/2A3 range of 2-3.5w.

You might look into a used Lamhorn with the AER Mk1 drivers over the normal Lowther selection. I tried to procure a pair last year and it slipped from my grasp. Also, give some serious attention to the Oris 150/200 Horns. From all reports, these win over the Avantgarde option.

Of course, you should be attending the Midwest Audiofest where Bruce Edgar's horns will be on display as well as many vintage Altec/JBL combos. Also on hand will be the Adire HE10.1signature Monitors which supposedly mate VERY well with the Billie 300B SET Monoblocks (they will be paired there). I'll be listening to a pair of the Bille M500 SET 300B in April.

A quick note, these 77 Cornwalls walked over the new Klipsch RF-5 with Wright Sound 3.5 2A3 monos.



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Thank you for your reply. It was most helpful.

Until yesterday, I had no idea that Klipsch made hi-efficiency speakers. I thought Klipsch was used for rock-n-roll monitors only. I saw several refereces to Klipsch on Audio Asylum and Harmonic Discord, so I thought I would check it out.

The Klipsch horn series....they look H U G E!!! I would never be able to fit a couple of those in my living room.

I want to get SET amplification...but finding suitable speakers is like a scavenger hunt. I've spent days on forums just getting names of speakers for SETs...then getting details and prices is another level of tedious work.

But so far I'm decided to evaluate speakers by Galante, and Medallion (Lowthers). I tried checking out the Oris Horns on Welborne but they're kits....I don't have time to do a kit. I did see one company that made an Oris Horn for you, but it was I think $14,000!!!!

I'm willing to spend a few bucks, but $14,000?...no way.

I tried getting info on the Edgars but every website link that I tried leads to a dead end.

Thanks again. I will forget about Klipsch for now.

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Hello dere!

Used Klipsch Heritage speakers can be had from about 500.00 U$ a pair.

I have a pair of KLF30's that are rated at 102db/w/meter and can send my next door neighbour's cat into convulsions with Liona Boyd's El Colibri at 1/2 volume on my 30/w/channel tube amp.

Lowther type speakers sound like a good option - so long as you can live without the extreme bottom end of the spectrum. I say this simply because the evidence I have read indicates that the Lowther drivers do a great job from about 100cps and up but realistically are hopeless below about 100 cps. regardless of the enclosure. This can be compensated for by building/buying a "bass bin" or subwoofer to handle the lowest frequencies.

I don't know where you got the idea that all Klipsch speakers are horrendously expensive but I can assure you that if that were the case - I would be on the outside looking in!

I am not suggesting that you should forgo the Lowthers but simply that you should audition and price the Klipsch line before making a final decision.


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I own a set of RF7s that I've used with several amplifiers. Generally, the speaker is so good I treat it as a reference. I also own Forte-IIs, which I enjoy, but I think are a bit more colored. I have upgraded crossover components in both sets of speakers and damped the horns.

I don't think I can spend much time in the room with either speaker at 5 Watts. I doubt I've ever put over 3.5 Watts through the RF7s .. so power isn't a problem.

Currently I'm using an amp that uses two KT66s in a push-pull arrangement, all class A, all triode, no global feedback. I experimented with an SET configuration using a single KT66 and loved it. But the KT66 and transformer I have are not optimized for SET so I moved on to the current setup that is much like parallel SET, taking advantage of a transformer's ability to add currents with inverted phase.

I think the RF7 is one of the best speaker buys available, and certainly a good match for a good SET.

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