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Spotted some Klipsch in the wild today

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Was stuck in town between appointments and had an hour to kill.

Stopped at smoke shop for something to drink, and next door was a record store with vintage audio gear.


He was just opening...I followed him in after asking if I could look around.


On one side he had a old dirty pair of Cornwall II...somebody converted them into some sort of pseudo pro sound Cornwall, no grilles, all spay painted black.

Keep in mind the Cornwalls were up on a shelf, above dozens of smaller speakers below on the floor which had price tags...The Cornwalls didn't have tags.


I am looking at them thinking damn, those are rough...and then I hear a record player fire up through them. Okay, they are his shop speakers to listen to while working.

We briefly chatted, told him about my Oak '83 Cornwalls. "You ever want to sell them, get ahold of me." I always get that line....

The guy paid 250 bucks for them. Perfect for work speakers.

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