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v2 400 midrange question (short story)


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As I await the arrival of my new 4.1's, I just realized I might of noticed this claim of lack of midrange coming from the v2 400's. You see, the only higher end multimedia speakers I have ever heard in a proper system (not on display at bestbuy) are my own set (v2 400) and bostons BA4800's. I listened to my pros for about 4 months at the time my friend first got his brand new BA4800's. I went over to his house one day specifically to have a listen to his new speakers. I was impressed with the clarity of those speakers at reasonable volumes, but something else I noticed that I didn't notice on my pros was that his speakers were blending with the sub very well when playing music (although in sub's pure output was no match to my pros) I confirmed this was something my set did not do quite as well as his after I got home. Was this the "lack of midrange" I was experienceing? More importantly, will I hear the better blending of midrange and sub with the new crossovers? I use my pros primarily for music so this would be a very exciteing discovery to me smile.gif. Thank you for reading my short story biggrin.gif

On another note, did you guys know that previously on this forum the commonly shared solution to this problem was taking off the grills? Sure didn't work for me, that is, if the "lack of midrange" is actually the blending with the sub. Maybe people believed it so strongly that it actually made their speakers sound better to them biggrin.gif


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