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This has been discussed before. It is good to have extra power, however you need to apply the law of diminishing returns. At this point 500 or 600 Watts per channel would be past the point of diminishing returns for your system and your room .Use the XPA5 for the back half of your system, and pick up 2 of the Bryston 6BSST2 ( 300w/pc x3 @.003% distortion all channels driven ! ).

Your largest speakers ask for approximately 250w/pc RMS at max. In YOUR environment , no more than 300w/pc RMS is needed,especially if you go with any high end amplifier manufacturer, including Bryston. Bryston's power amps are some of the most solidly built and accurately spec'd amps in the industry, regardless of whether they are used in the home or professionally. 300 watts of Bryston power at .003% distortion is equivalent to or more than some companies' 400 watts. You do not need 600 watts per channel for your environment and your set up.You've seen that the salesperson who told you to upgrade to an amp (despite your not buying it from him) was correct, if what he tells you is the same as aforementioned , then do not waste your sales person's time by debating this.Also do yourself a favor and buy them new. Though Bryston's amps are durable and carry a great warranty, you don't know how they were treated. furthermore, you only have the person's word as to the age and condition of the amp. Bryston is continually making incremental improvements in their electronics overall (including their amplifiers), you would want to benefit from this wouldn't you? Also, you've probably picked the gentleman's brain continually, it would only be fair to help him out a little and give HIM the sale since he's given you countless hours of his time and has more than helped you out . Its only fair. Unless that's of no concern [*-)]

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Everyone was so helpful and patient with me on this I really appreciate it. Now that I've got my amps and speakers set maybe I thought I would give a quick update on what I've ended up with. I found some Palladium P-37s for a great price at Agon. I got a good discount on the center channel new in a PA store. Then a new pair of P38s showed up on Agon another great price including shipping. Lastly I got another great deal on P27s surrounds and thats just the beginning. Early in this process I bought five Emo XPA-1s and then two UPA-1. That means that the big amps have 1000w each ready @ 4 ohms and the two smaller have 350 each. So that ended my quest for power and they sound great. Very life like. I checked with Klipsch Tech Services before making the purchase and they said fine. So did Emo. I've had them pretty wide open and never heard a hint of distortion anywhere except in the foundation of my home. I'm so pleased with an amazingly inexpensive solution to my power question. Thanks, Nic

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