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  1. Best live high energy Rock n Roll band of all time. Saw them at Chicago Stadium in 1975. Billy Preston on on keyboards great concert. Then saw them in July of 78 outside,hot 90s and humid day, at Soldiers Field. Peter Tosh and then Journey were warmup bands, then the Stones came and rocked out. With a little help of some recreational drugs, I swear I felt the energy of the sound system in my teeth fillings LOL!!!! Then saw them again in 81 at the Rosemont Horizon, another great live performance. Saw them again 97 at night in Soldiers Field, with the beautiful lit up Chicago skyline in the back ground, awesome memory. Most recently in 2013, attended their concert at the new United Center, with my son and a whole bunch of 50 to 60 year olds. Great time to share with my son, Rolling Stones GREATEST rock and roll band of all time.
  2. Carl, Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy and go have a good time.
  3. I know exactly what you are talking about when it comes to pumping up the Chorus II's. 1000 watts peak power handling, to me the Chorus IIs are at their best when pushing them with lots of power. I powered mine with 220 WPC Kenwood Basic 2 amp and they were and unbelievable combo. Welcome and like previously said, visit and post often.
  4. BigCliff

    Happy Fathers day

    These Trikes turn differently and MUCH MUCH BETTER! http://can-am.brp.com/spyder/shopping-tools/why-choose-can-am-spyder/the-new-2014-spyder-rt.html
  5. How could you not know the tweeters were not working??? When I go buy used speakers off Craigslist, the first thing I do is put my ear to each component speaker and listen to what is coming out of them.
  6. I am doing well, thanks for asking. I do not get on as much as I have in the past. I do drop in now and then. New job a bit busier then before.
  7. Well for me it is just the opposite. I dim the lights down very low, put on a CD and get into the music. Then after time usually before the first CD is finished, I find myself nodding out and know it is time to go to bed.
  8. I have one in a corner and the other in a partial corner, both are about 2 feet from corner to back of speaker.
  9. Maybe it was the power source which made the KLFs sound so good. Was there a sub woofer involved? I had Chorus II's and powered them with a 220wpc Kenwood Basic M2A and they could produce live concert audio sound. I would vote Chorus IIs.
  10. "Every now and then I know it's kind of hard to tell; but I'm still alive and well!
  11. This is what I use: http://highresolutiontechnologies.com/music-streamer-ii-plus Excellent sound quality Digital to Analog Or this one http://highresolutiontechnologies.com/music-streamer-hd
  12. I replaced a Marantz ZR6001 with a HK 3600. The HK is definitely better musically. For HT they are about the same in my opinion.
  13. Actually if you do not want to break the bank, I think this would do just fine. I have had several pairs of 5.5's and they do rock. I had them paired up with some Chorus IIs and it sounded great. http://www.svsound.com/subwoofers/sealed-box/sb-2000#.UxYpt4WuZII
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