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    Home Audio
    My Honda/Acura shop
    (ICS)..Israeli Combat System..Krav-Maga..Kenpo Karate..Self Defense..No I'm not a bad a$$..
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    Chorus I's
    Chorus II's
    Heresy II's
    Forte' I's
    KP-362's Two sets,one set @ shop
    Electro Voice i's

    JBL 4648a Bass bins with JBL 2446j horn driver mounted to JBL 2380a horn
    JBL Bass bins driven by Crown Macro-tech 2400
    JBL horns driven by Carver PM 1.5
    Running dbx DriveRack PA2 active x-over

    Polk SDA 2.3's
    Synergy Sub 12
    SW-15 II
    SW-12 II
    Dayton Audio Titanic 15 II
    MTX Sw I @shop
    Velodyne 10-12 @shop
    Adcom 565 Pre-amp
    Adcom 555 Pre-amp @ shop
    Adcom 555 II's Got two...will bridge sometimes
    Adcom 515 AC enhancer
    Adcom GFA-1

    Carver C-1 Pre-amp The rare silver face
    Carver TFM-42 @ shop
    Carver TFM-55
    Carver TFM-55x
    Carver 400-"t's" got two of these, yea bridge these also
    Carver 4.0-"t"

    Crown Ultra Tech 1010
    3 Crown CE 1000's

    Pioneer Elite SC-95
    Pioneer Elite PD-F19 300 Disc CD changer
    Sony ES 801 CD player
    Some Sony 5 disc player @ shop...it works
    And my i-pod @ shop

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  1. So sorry for your loss Dave...
  2. Maybe it wasn't drool... Pics..... Just for my unbiased opinion😉
  3. Thanks Carl I'll look into one MKP
  4. So over the years me and The BOSS have been through several Cuisinarts.....they work good for a year or so and something happens to them. After talking with you guys years ago we went for the BUNN A-10 and never looked back. It's been serving us now close to 4 years... The only "issue" that seems to happen is the drip head gets clogged up from the water we have here. We have well water. So the drip head get cleaned every few weeks. MKP
  5. Happy Friday my peeps.... A good weekend to all. Looks like we're getting some weather Saturday.... snow, ice, rain oh boy. Fire place gonna be working overtime.. Later.. MKP 🙂
  6. When I go to Philadelphia (China Town) there's a Indonesian restaurant that has a whole deep fried cat fish... it's off the chart delicious. Two types of hot sauce...They call it chili'..... The hot one is served in a stone bowl, spoon it out and put it on what ever you. It's served with the cat fish, I like to mix it with my rice..... It's quite quite hot. The other hot chili' is severed in a little plastic container....a few spoon fulls. This is the one that takes no prisoners.....Even my Indonesian bud can't hang with it...but his wife eats it down with no problems.. A few years back we were going to Philly 4/5 times a month so I became accustom to these chilis' and really got a liking for them.... but the problem for me is the next day.... It usually starts in the wee hours of the morning..... The term I use is liquid fire🔥 The Boss asks me why do I do this to myself......it's just sooo good Actually we're going to China Town for the Chinese New Year.... We haven't been in a year so I'll have to take it easy on the chili' MKP
  7. You'll feel so much better getting into a regular work out routine... Man if I lost 50 lbs I'd blow away🤣🤣 The BOSS lost a bunch of weight couple years back, all she did was stop drinking soda, she comes with me when I work out. But all she does is sit there and watch, she says "I'm not doing any of that and getting sweaty" MKP
  8. You're supposed to mix the tea with kool aid. They were just handed to me....eat em raw🤢 Only did shrooms once.... in the Army... My bud flew back to Oregon and said he'll bring some back. well he did... He handed them to me under the bathroom stall and said "here these are yours" Half a baggie of those tasty treats... We then went to see The Incubus at the on base movie house..... Oh my I was no good.. MKP
  9. surprised the cops didn't show up..... We were not that crazy....... The Boss and I chillin' on the couch..... I didn't even realize it was New Year till she woke up gave me a kiss and said "happy new year". She got up and said"good night I'm going to bed" We're gonna roll into the shop for couple hours.. Just gotta clean up a bit and get ready for tomorrow. Later all......Happy New Years Day.... MKP
  10. I've never had anything sent out to Roland (Hi-Tech Audio) but I understand he does fine work. Never heard any bad from the guys over at the Carver site. There are some guys that do repair and mods to gear on the Carver site. I met a couple of them a few years back at a Carver gathering down in Virginia. All very nice guys that do it for the love of the Carvers. One guy bought his fresh Carver Silver 9t's that the one guys did for him. We powered my KP-362's that I bought down for the day. I wish they would have put more power to them. Anyway there is a waiting list for these guys. 🤣🤣 mysterious.... Later MKP
  11. Oh that's way out of my league..... MKP
  12. Good Sunday my peeps, hope all is good. today is a rainy and cool, got a fire going and a few watts going to the Chours I's and that's about all the excitement happening here... Oh Nooooo I feel your pain.... Such crapp!!! our septic took a chit several back.... That dug into my pocket.. Good luck... Later... MKP
  13. Thank you Mark. Just dealing with the curve balls that life throws at ya.... but we are good.. MKP
  14. Thank you my friend.....good to posting again. Prays and good vibes coming.. MKP
  15. WillyBob my man 😉 A good Saturday to all.... Nice day here, goona be close to 60. Got the windows open. Today I'm putting the chains, snow cap and snow blower on my Wheel Horse tractor. Then off to our friends house for dinner.. Later...good vibes to all MKP
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