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  1. The wife and I are at the ocean for the week. Were in the 80% eclipse. Should be starting in the next hour or so.... MKP :-)
  2. Good vibes and positive thoughts coming your way my bro MKP :-)
  3. Morning gang, A happy Friday to all. Got a parking lot full of cars.... gonna make some coin..... and pay some bills.... Later.... MKP :-)
  4. Cool video Chuck... I like it.... Gave ya the 1st on the video. MKP :-)
  5. I think I saw a pair on my Snap-on man's tool truck MKP :-)
  6. OMG... 1:37 into the video.....Clamping a brake hose!!! NEVER... That is a rookie move! esp with Vise grips. Wouldn't happen in my shop. let the fluid leak out BFD. I can replace a caliper and not even get a drop of brake fluid on my shop floor. I really can't believe that's on video. It's just something a true seasoned tech would never do. and that's "Bogie" Sarah Lateiner she has a shop somewhere out west. She has been profiled in one of my auto trade mags. MKP :-)
  7. Overkill is good MKP :-)
  8. Evening gang... just checking in.. Yea Chuck congrats on the 1500 pages for sure... lots of fun stuff over the last few years Man what a week... The BOSS was with her mom most of the week and only came in the shop a couple time to do some bills for me. It take me for ever to do the billing. I did one customers bill and took me 20+ minutes to do it. there was only two parts too billed out on the job and just two labor lines but it still took me that long. Also our youngest wrecked her 99 Civic. The one with 335K on it..... off the road and into a telephone pole. What a nice old car it was. Got it from our customer about 5 years back. I've been working on this little Civic since it had about 80K on it. Just put on new set tires, front struts and new headlights just a few months back. The main this is my daughter is OK... So The BOSS and I just got back from buying a 2000 CRV for her. Should be a nice little truck for her. I'll get it to the shop tomorrow and get it state inspected. 277K on this little gem.... great service history and no rust on the sub-frame or brake & fuel lines. Interior in great shape. OK gang, check in during the week... a good week to all... MKP :-)
  9. Love the Carvers.... Don't have ant Sunfire amps yet....... the operative word....."yet" Lately I've been powering my LaScalas with a Carver 4.0t. I push them quite hard with the Carver and I must say they put out more bass with that amp than any amp I've used. Really like that set-up....even my wife has comented on the sound of that combo. MKP :-)
  10. For real.... I don't understand why they would not want to... I need some 20 amp circuits.... My one Crown Macro-Tech has a 20 plug on it and I run a cheater plug on it. Hasn't tripped a breaker yet MKP :-)
  11. That is a understatement.... I'm like the human he must be on at all times... I get some relief when our friends Ed and Joyce come over. He sit on Joyce all night... he might walk over and sit on Ed for a bit. but he mostly wants Joyce when those two are over. Been there tried that..... not going to happen... He will paw on the closed door till his paws get sore..... and it's loud in the bedroom with him pounding on the door..... We tried waiting him out to see if he would stop and almost two hours of almost non stop pawing we had to let him in. His little paw pads were all red and sore. He's just a real goofy cat.... He is a good cat..... just annoying... MKP :-)
  12. When The BOSS gets in the shop I'll have her load some up.... He's been getting on my nerves lately...... That SOB will not leave me alone.... as soon as I get home he's on me and won't sit still. He's also been waking me up early in the morning sometimes around 5:00 . He starts poking me with his paws till I wake up. He wants to get under the covers with me. That would be ok, but once he gets in he won't keep still. He keeps touching my face with his paws... it is really sweet.... but not a 5 in the morning. So I kick him out of bed and yell at him..... but twenty minutes or so later he's trying to get back in the covers. I don't like to hurt his little cat feelings but he's annoying!! MKP :-)
  13. I watched a interview with Pete a long time ago, and he also said something like...... "All guitar players like there own sound, much like most people like the smell of there own farts" It was something like that..... I found it quite funny.... MKP :-)
  14. Anybody heard from @ChuckAb3? I called him a few months back and left a couple messages.... MKP :-)