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Subaru WRX


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sniff, sob, and the like.


I understand tough. Not everybody is willing to give up creature comfort for performance. Everybody finds driving enjoyment wherever they like!

Still... a Passat ain't no WRX, although that car looks NICE with those (I'm guessing they're optional) big rims and low-profile tires... Post some pictures when you end up getting it!


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went to a car show today and took some pics of the WRX. I like them a lot Smile.gif



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Hey *******, if you READ my initial post (shown below) you might have refrained from your snipe comment. If you are scared that the other members of this forum will lose interest in speakers, well..., nevermind. I have over 500 posts and have spent much time helping people with their needs. I had a question, put it on, and have gotten some great responces from people I respect, so don't worry about it, OK?

Yes, this has nothing to do with speakers, but this is the GENERAL forum. What do yall think of the Subaru WRX? I am quite impressed by it, fast, practical, reliable, AWD, cheap to keep, etc... I have a 01' Outback (el stropo trim, but mechanical systems same as any Outback) and LOVE IT TO DEATH! Does anyone here have a opinion on the WRX? The STi is TOO EXPENSIVE and I don't want to pay sticker + 10% for one.

Any input would be great!



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Yes, it sucks, but better to come. KLIPSCH soon! My computer is better than my stereo!

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Kenratboy -

One of the bad things about bulletin board threads is that sometimes a person can't or doesn't communicate enough about what he has on his mind. In the case of my post above, I was actually jesting toward those who seem to think that only Klipsch info should ever appear on this website (and they would certainly want nothing to do with a political thread, but don't want anyone else to post on that thread either). I am sorry that I did not post enough information to let you understand that in this thread.

Now back to the Subaru WRX:

When I think of Subarus, I think of that little old redheaded lady in the '70s who used to be in the advertising commercials. Certainly the WRX does not fit that image, and has performed very impressively in rally competition. But I don't know how they will ever shake their image with me.

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