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Klipsch Rf-52 home theater system..


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i'm a newbie when it come to audio stuff. so my question to you guys what speakers wires and gauge should i get for my klipsch speakers. i have also an pioneer elite sc-25 reciever.. n what kind of audio cables i should get to hook up my mixer n karaoke player to the reciever.. please help !!!

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Welcome to The Forum.

I recommend radio shack; anything better than 14 gauge should be very adequate.

You will probably need RCA cables for your mixer/karaoke player; in order to connect it to the receiver.

Again; radio shack should have something of decent quality....

(I do not believe in spending hundreds on wire and cables).

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Welcom to the forum.

i'm a newbie when it come to audio stuff. so my question to you guys what speakers wires and gauge should i get for my klipsch speakers.

I suggest minimum of 14 gauge and banana plugs for the speaker connections.

Product Image for 100ft 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable

Product Image for 1 PAIR OF High-Quality Copper Speaker Banana Plugs - Closed Screw Type [JX-74043]

Here is a very reasonably priced 100ft roll of 12 gauge speaker wire and banana plugs.


i have also an pioneer elite sc-25 reciever

Very nice receiver and will power your RF-52 system with ease.


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12ga should work with your system. I like monoprice, speaker wire is speaker wire in my opinion as long as its over 99% pure oxygen free copper haha. The banana plugs listed are ok, i have had them and they do the job but i like my emotiva interconnect kits way more.

As far as your other connections go, if they are connected via RCA i suggest anything on this page:
http://www.monoprice.com/products/subdepartment.asp?c_id=109&cp_id=10236 (i have the cheaper ones and they work fine, if you want some flare, get the slightly more expensive ones)

For the speaker wire i would get this:

If you want to splurge and make really nice wires for your speakers like I did you can get the emotiva interconnect kits (1 kit per wire so for a 5 channel you'd need 5 kits) and emotiva wire (you can get it by the foot, you just have to call and specify your lengths). I did 15' runs for my fronts and i didnt use it on my rears since i didnt want to waste the cable knowing that in a few years ill be moving. The wires i made came out great, each wire lead gets a protective color coded plastic sheeth (red and black) and then you put on the heatshrink tube(this covers the base of the wire where you cut away the outter covering, half goes on the blue part of the wire and the other half goes on the 2 wire leads covered by the protective sheeths) and then you add the terminals. All can be had for under $100. None of the emotiva stuff i talked about here will increase your performance, it was just aestetically pleasing and the connection kits were very high quality. If you are on a budget and dont care, stick with the monoprice gear, if i didnt care thats what i would do!

Emotiva Interconnect Kit:

Emotiva Wire (this is the spool, call to order custom length less than spool size):

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