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question on tubes

The Dude

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While I await for the arrival of my Scott 299, I am doing a little research. It calls for 4 7189 out put tubes, could the EL-84 be a replacement for these(I am having a hard time locating a couple of matched pairs). Also I noticed on some sights such the tube depot, that there are a couple different priced sets of tubes in the same brand. What does one get out of a higher priced tube, and do I need to keep a expensive power tubes with expensive pre amp tubes and so one.

Any input would be appreciated.



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the el-84 is rated to 300 volts. the 7189 is rated to 400 volts. so the question....what is the B+ voltage in the scott 299? If the scotts B+ is over 300 volts, you cant use an el-84

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