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KLF-20s v. Heresy II

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Would anyone like to help me decide between the KLF-20 and the Heresy??

I'm looking to buy the best speaker I can now, and upgrade my Onkyo reciever soon.

I listen to rock mostly, but if you ask my wife she'll say I only listen to the Grateful Dead. I won't argue.

I plan more listening trips soon. Thanks.

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John......Have you narrowed down your choices to those two particalar models or are you still open to different KLIPSCH models? If you have narrowed it down to those two I'd be interested in what your reasons were. Later....................

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For what it's worth, (keeping in mind you get what you pay for), I'd go with the heresys. For no reason other than I'm a klipsch heritage FOOL, fool!

Also, in 20 years, heresys you buy today will still be an object of desire as an audio classic. The KLF's probably won't, regardless of how good they are.

If you want more boom, get you a good sub!

-- Disco Ruby smile.gif

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