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distance between the speakers?


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After founding out that i had a serious acoustic problem i removed all the furniture and speakers (Lascala's).

But unfortunally i had to place the speakers with a bigger space between them.

I can hear that the sound is differend but it is hard to tell what has changed and what is better.

Now i am wondering if there is a best distance u can have between the speakers?

And what is the maximal space u can have between the speakers without losing sound quality?

And what is the best distance between the speakers and hotspot?

I hope someone can help me.

Greetings M.H

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Thx Zandern,

But i would like to know what the best distance is to have between youre speakers.

Now i have 2.90m (from heart to heart of the speakers).

It looks quit huge in my opinion.

The hotspot is 3.20m fom the speakers.

So maybe those distances are to big for a perfect soundstage?

Maybe someboddy knows the perfect distances to place the speakers?

Greetings M.H

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The advice I have always read, and followed with seeming success, is to imagine a line between the two speakers, and make the distance from the center of that line to your listening position 1.5 times the distance between the speakers. For example, if you are fifteen feet from the line between the drivers on the speakers, set the speakers ten feet apart.

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Thx chuckears,

What u tell me sounds verry familiar.

But when u use that rule i have to move the couch 0.5M at least back wards.

I have the feeling i get to far away from the speakers.

That i will miss the little details.

Unfortunally i cant place the speakers closer together.

But know i am wondering,how do u measure the distance between the speakers?

Is it from 1 side to the other side?

Ore from the heart of the speaker to the other heart of the speaker.

Greetings M.H

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