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  1. They were pretty ubiquitous on the used market back in the late 90's and early 2000's, and they pop up on ebay and usaudiomart.com pretty consistently; not very many make their way to audiogon any more. Also, their asking price has remained consistent the past 20-plus years, and has in fact gone a little higher since everything went haywire a year and a half ago. The ask on the DNA-1 Deluxe was over $1000, but I was lucky enough to score it for about $200 less.
  2. I had a Rotel 5-channel, 100 wpc (RMB-something-or-other) when I first expanded into HT, and it was the deadest, non-musical sounding amp I've ever tried with my Fortes. Both the Carver before it, as well as (and especially) the McCormacks I owned before and after it, were exponentially better-sounding.
  3. I hear the name in my head; the "Mac" in McIntosh sounds so different from the lack of a vowel sound in "McCormack", it doesn't have the same affect with me.
  4. It kind of surprised me recently when three separate salespeople at two different audio/HT stores - all of whom have been in the business for years - had never heard of the McCormack brand. I recently re-acquired a DNA-1 Deluxe to power my mains, with the HT-1 taking care of the center and surrounds. Very accurate, sweet-sounding watts feeding the Fortes. (The QSC professional amp powers my two home-built subs).
  5. I'm fairly certain that this is the complete collection of the Mozart Piano Concertos, recorded in the late-60's and early-70's, of which I own only two discs: featuring Concerto #'s 21, 22, 23, and 27. The sonics and sublime performances - at least, on the pressings I own - are some of the finest sounding classical music in my library. A dialed-in, accurate system will bring you to the venue, and Barenboim's playing is emotive, immersive, and sublime. https://www.amazon.com/Mozart-Complete-Piano-Concertos-1-27/dp/B00000C2KO/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=barenboim+mozart+complete&qid=1627869189&sr=8-3
  6. I've owned Fortes (1's) for years; they still sound fantastic, but I frequently hear comments about the Chorus from the same era sounding better. I haven't actually seen a pair of Chorus speakers up close - at least, not with the grill off - to compare the size of the midrange horns. I know from the spec sheets that they are different (Forte - K-53-K, Chorus is K-57-K); does anyone know what the measurement difference is between them?
  7. chuckears

    RC-64 III

    Good luck with the timbre match with the Fortes and the RC64 - I tried an RC3 with my Forte 1's, and it was terrible. Hopefully, the all-newer and modern components will match up. They certainly didn't in my case.
  8. Been using an Anthem AVM20 for years (I know - it's a bit of a dinosaur... the newer, comparable units appear to offer the same quality). Excellent set-up and fine tuning features, and they really care about the audio section.
  9. The best my Fortes ever sounded was with a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe, which you can find used for around a grand. There is also a passive preamp from that same time period - the TLC-1 - on which I actually used the active section. Very old-school - no remote or digital tech. This was the closest to a live sound I ever garnered from these speakers. I "upgraded" (more transformed) to HT, and sadly sold both of these units; messed around with a Rotel Amp and HK receiver, but ended up back with McCormack (lower wattage) and an Anthem AVM20 HT processor. This set-up works for me for HT and music listening, but doesn't hold a candle to the DNA-1 Deluxe and TLC-1 combo I enjoyed previously, when it comes to pure music enjoyment.
  10. The OP has gone a different direction from his proposed Forte mods for a center, but I would like to offer my impression of the KLF-C7 as a center with the Fortes, as I actually ran one with mine for several months. The C7 is an amazing sounding center channel, but the timbre is not a match to the Forte; the components are just different enough to make it unworkable. Material that is mixed between the center and the right and/or left channel does not sound natural or correct. The best center channel option - a speaker made by Klipsch to be a center - is the Academy, which I have been using for years.
  11. Perhaps I should search BEFORE asking a question... http://www.ebay.com/itm/METAL-DOMES-OF-SILENCE-SMALL-FOR-WOODEN-BUN-FEET-glides-/301339564288?hash=item46293cd900:m:m_IJK64cFveDg4tnmm6rk3w ...they seem a little large - my measurement was more around 1/2", as opposed to the 3/4" these are listed as - but if I have to replace all four on one, it shouldn't break the bank.
  12. I recently moved my Fortes off of the carpet upon which they have sat for over 20 years, in readiness for a laminate floor installation, and noticed that one metal "foot" is missing off of one of them (a small round metal disc that makes contact with the floor). Short of replacing all 8 feet on both speakers, does anyone know where I can find a replacement?
  13. Not sure about "audigon", but I am on audiogon.com daily [:$]
  14. What's a "Hersey"? You might want to check out SET12's C-Core upgrade for his Forte crossovers... They would be my choice if I were looking for a sonic difference fro an auto former upgrade.
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