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KSW100 for 160 bucks... yes or no?

Manuel Delaflor

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In a local newspaper someone is selling the KSW100 for 160 bucks. I want a small sub for adding more low bass pleasure to my computer system (currently I have a Kenwood SW303 8 inch 100 watts sub to help an old set of Boston Acoustics Mediatheater, which reach only 50Hz with authority).

Options are an "elcheapo" Sony or Audiosource or the little KSW100. Will the Klipsch be better than both of them? With only 8inch and 100 watts it can compete with the Sony 12 inch 120watts or the SW Fifteen 200 watts? Will it go lower? (well, first I have to question if the KSW100 will go lower than my actual 8 inch 100 watts Kenwood...)

Anyway, I have to tell that I will buy the Cabridge Soundworks Megaworks 510d computer speakers, and they sport an 8 inch sub with 150watts which is capable to reach around 30Hz... so my last question is that if, without a doubt, the KSW100 will still outperform this sub.

All opinions welcomed!

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Word on the street is that the Audiosource is a diamond in the rough. I've heard people make similar comments about their amplifiers too, with very high bang for the buck. The fifteen inch driver should be more than enough for a computer sound system.

I wouldn't exactly call the Audiosource "small" but it's worth a look for a cheap, large sub. And it's very inexpensive - $200 or so online.


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