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  1. BTW, there is an explanation now on the "honking" aspect on that thread
  2. I use an Hybrid Integrated which give me the best of both worlds. Cant recommend it enough. And now my model is old, they have a brand new one, with more power and (they say) better sound.
  3. No matter which cheap CDP you buy, you can improve it up to the point of making it sound like a really expensive, top of the line CDP with this little device, the ADE-24: http://www.margulesaudio.com/index_magenta.htm It is a remarkable product, give it a try.
  4. I had my Heresy's on the corners, but with their tweeter at the ear level. The bass was ok. But now I have them far from the corners, deep in to the room and still raised to my ear levels. The bass is gone. BUT I have the most astonishing imaging and soundstage you could ever imagine. This speakers are holographical.
  5. HornEd "but very little actual music is recorded below about 40Hz" mm, if that statement where for 30Hz I would have to agree. Im unable to really listen to music (note the really) without strong bass to about 29Hz.
  6. ... guess imaging is not the hottest topic around... For a set of speakers to have spooky imaging they most be far from any wall or corner, in this way the room helps them to create an incredible sense of physical, tridimensional space in the recordings. I think (but I can be wrong of course) than from the Heritage line, the only speakers that are able to draw this kind of effect are the Heresy's, because their size.
  7. I had my Heresy's close to the front wall, and at about 1 meter from the sides. The imaging was nice, specially with some recordings, I could hear the "ambience" on some Classical music concerts that I really like. But it was not "holographic". For that I had the idea I needed some small bookshelfs, with a really stiff cabinet. But I didnt wanted to lose any dynamics or detail in order to achieve it. But yesterday I changed the position of my Heresy's, now they are at about 1.5 meters from the side walls and from the front wall. Wow. Sonic Holography. Im amazed on how much S P A C E Im gaining with this new arrangement. I have no words to express how holographic is my system now. Im simply amazed and VERY happy, listening since yesterday for hours and just about every recording sounds incredible. Now, I wonder if good old BIG Horns can do this? For instance, Khorns are stuck in the corners of the room, and Cornwalls and others are simply to big to place them towards the center of the room. Wanna tell me some of your experiences?
  8. sorry double post (courtesy of Internet lag)
  9. Any sub? well, not exactly, but most of them will help your Heresy's. I would go for something that hits at least 30Hz with authority and then spend sometime to integrate it well to the room.
  10. Well, in here, Klipsch have ALL the respect of the world Maybe the Polk's forum is a lot more biased than this one, here you can see anyone talking about this or that gear, and no one is really upset. We even have a subwoofers forum in which Klipsch's ones are in second or third place behind others! I think that MUST tell something about the Klipsch users "mentality" so to speak. Maybe (just maybe) Klipsch users have experienced all and then, someday, they woke up from the dream of dome tweeters and low sensibility speakers. You should pay a visit to neutral forums, like AVS or HTF, there, Klipsch is respected among some visitors, and hated by others, just like any other brand out there...
  11. Ray, Do you happen to work as a sales man? How can you ignore that the editorial and sales departments on any kind of media should work separately in order to give the publication some credibility? The reviewers should be able to tell whatever they think without ANY kind of pressure from the sales department. Otherwise, you are only reading an expensive and absurd ad. The sad part on this is that in a world like the one we have created this is almost impossible. No one would buy an ad if you can destroy their products. And no one would make a review if they are not sure they are going to receive money. Disgusting.
  12. Depending on the music you like, you can consider upgrading your sub, amp or source. I you dont listen anything with bass below 30Hz then why not try some nice tube pre or maybe hi resolution music on a sacd or something like that?
  13. Tom Brennan, Nice to see you are "back" on the Horns side I didnt read it was you, after all those Horns, then Not a single one, to a nice small horns setup.
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