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RF-3 II Powerhandling Capabilities

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Good Day Klipsch Fanatics,

I have the RF-3 II Speakers ran off a Yamaha HTR-5460, which is a home threatre receiver, not home stereo receiver like the RXV Line is.

How much clean power can one really put into these bad boys? I have an amplifier that is capable of producing 200 watts into an 8 ohm load.

They are rated for 150 Watts Continuous, however, can they handle more than this?

I listen to Classic rock music like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and Dire Straits.

Thanks for any input!


Ice is forming on the tips of my wings.....-Pink Floyd, Learning To Fly

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I run a B&K Ref30>B&K 7250 (200wattsX5)

into RF3 II's and have had em cranked to +6db. It's wwaayyyy freakin loud. 20x15 room. So yeah, that's not as loud in a gym. or whatever you guys are talkin about. I'm way impressed at how much they can handle. The louder they are the better they sound.

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yea ch, could be that b&k set-up too. i've found my b&k combo gets louder but doesn't sound louder as in distortion. when it's at "low volume" it just begs for more. so up to -12 to -7 it goes. on the dvdp once beyond -7 it gets to be a lil much even for my ear-damaged self. Biggrin.gif

though i use the rf-3 in the stereo room w/ the marantz

or the old ken receiver (power monster). the rf-3 can take 'em fine up to the point of pain.


My Home Systems Page

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