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I finally got around to triamping my K-horns

Greg Oshiro

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I don't have any experience with the amplifiers that you mention.  I find I don't hear much difference between amplifiers once everything is dialed in. 


However, Dirac seems to be doing FIR filtering to push the phase response to be flatter (at least my version of Dirac does this with the Jubs, K-402-MEH, and AMT-1/Belle bass bins).  This is nice, but I noticed that Dirac still tries to place the microphone at the listener's position.  In my room, the results in over-accentuated 30-80 Hz and 12-18 kHz, and under-accentuated 80-300 Hz and 2-9 kHz (below is the left Jub measured at 1 m with Dirac [red trace] and without [green trace], vertical axis in 1 dB vertical divisions.  Note that the dips between 200-300 Hz are 1/4 wavelength floor bounce artifacts.




Dirac consistently does this unless you crank in an inverse EQ curve up front in order to counteract what it is trying to do from the listening position measurements.





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