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Bi-Amping RF-7 II's


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Hmmm, so basically from this blog, it sounds like passive bi-amping which I would be doing is just a big waste of money. No benefit.

Full blog here. http://community.klipsch.com/blogs/andyw/archive/2007/09/07/bi-amplifying-or-bi-amping.aspx

So where’s the controversy? Just taking two stereo amplifiers and hooking them up to your speakers (removing the straps on the input terminals) is called passive bi-amping (or “fool’s bi-amping” for the non-PC) and is very close to being just a waste of money (again many people will disagree). You
are sending the entire music signal to both amplifiers and both
amplifiers are amplifying the entire signal, but you are allowing the
passive crossover network to filter the amplified signals. I can’t think of any benefit in doing this. The tweeter amplifier is still reproducing the bass signals and they are still causing the amplifier to clip. (Perhaps there is a slight benefit by not requiring the current
of the bass notes, as this can increase the headroom of the tweeter
amplifier – by not drawing down the power supply rail voltage.)


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Tube amp on the horns and high powered
SS on the woofers is not a waste of time or money when it comes to high
efficiency Klipsch.

Especially when most of the woofers have such low impedance dips.

What does SS stand for?

What will this SS and tube amp do for my speakers? How will it improve the sound?

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SS stands for Solid State.

The Sweet beautiful sound of Tubes (low power) on the Highs and SS (high power) on the Low end/Bass is a better way to "Bi-amp" your speakers.

The Tweeter/midrange does not require as much power to reproduce these frequencies, but when you want to reproduce 30hz at 100db, it is going to take some POWER! So, a lot of people use this method to "bi-amp" their speakers.


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