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questions about epic series


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i went on a speding spree years back and picked up one set each of the epic series cf-1,, cf-2,, and cf-3.

almost bought a set of cf-4, but stopped while i was still ahead. they unfortunately do not compare to my heresy's or my belles.

what are your opinions of the epic series?


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Welcome to the forums.

I've owned two pairs of CF-2's. Great speakers for the money. I prefer the height of the tweeter in my RF-83's over the CF-2's. They have a "wall of sound" that my CF-2's did not. I'm guessing part of that is the fact that the tweeter on the CF-2's are pointed at my knees instead of my ears. [:^)]

With that said, I had my first pair of CF-2's paired with a Harmon Kardon AVR55 and absolutely loved the separation and musicality of it. Made a great combo.

I would not think that the CF series would compare to your Belles. Don't think they were ever designed to.

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