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speaker prices!!!


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i wanna upgrade my system i upgrade my system but the wife is complianing about how many speaker do i need in the living room and i said idk as many as i need to get the right sound to me. im looking for some rf-83s but i have sell some of the speakers i wanna sell my rb-81s and rs-42s but i dont know what to sell them for sor can you guys give a hand on this

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The RF-83s are definitely a very good and cost effective speaker. If you can find somewhere to demo them first though, I would suggest doing that. Scrappy's prices seem pretty accurate. I usually start with a little over half of what they retail for on discontinued stuff. Don't get yourself in too much trouble with the Mrs. though! The 83's are pretty big.

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There were some cherry RF 83's in the garage that may still be for sell by Chip. The only problem is that he is in the midwest. Also, consider some RF 7's or 7II's, they will give you the big soundstage that you are looking for. I like my RF 7's, but compared to other speakers in the reference line, the 83's and the 7's are a bit harder to intergrate into the room and need space. These are very bass heavy speakers. For placement issues only, I like front ported speakers, lol.

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