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s4i headphones


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Dont put it on full volume !!!! , put it on volume according to your listening level and leave it for 5 hours and then give some gap of 30mins and play it for 10 hours and give gap of 1 hour and play 10hours more .

I believe it helps in the burning coils of the speakers ,when it settles down, it makes earphones sound much better than before :)

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You should always break in any headphones or speakers. Not full blast, though. When I get a new set of earphones or headphones I don't even listen to them until they have had at least 50 hours of break in other than making sure that they work out of the box. And I don't think they are fully broken in before 200 hours. I take an iPod with lossless music files, put it on shuffle, plug in the new 'phones at about 40% volume and put it in the corner for a week or so. Recharge it a few times, etc. The difference in sound between a brand new set and a well broken in set is dramatic. Night and day.

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I guess I had better qualify what I said about break in. If you are using low bit rate files like the stuff that comes from iTunes and most other download sites, then you probably won't tell a whole lot of difference. Crap in, crap out. But if you are listening to high bit rate files or at least CD's, then yes, there is a major difference.

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Hello everyone,

I apologize for the off topic, but I am currently looking for a replacement of my non-working zaggsmartbuds and I was wondering if Klipsch s4i have all the same functions together with the option to have the "buds" around your neck, even when not in use? Please let me know. Thank you!

They do not have the around the neck thing you describe. The Image S4i are a significant step up sound quality wise.

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