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    Primary system: Jean-Francois Lessard PP 2A3 Amp, Marantz 7T Preamp, 1993 Klipschorns with ALK xovers, HP Tablet running iTunes and LMS serving Squeezebox Touch, MSB link DACIII, MSB digital director, Audioquest Diamondback ICs, Synergistic Research Alpha Quad Active Shield Speaker Cable
    Secondary system: iPad feeding McIntosh MA6400: Klipsch RB5 speakers, Mapleshade Golden Helix speaker cables. Patio system: Marantz Esotec SM-6 driving Klipsch SA-2 speakers, audioquest type 4 speaker cables

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  1. It looks like it has been completely recapped. So additional restoration expense may not be much, any chance to audition before purchase? I have a friend with a vintage Marantz system with a model 7 pre and model 8b amp and it sounds wonderful. I have a 7t and love it with my custom 2A3 amp, though mine is not tube based it is built like a tank, just like yours. This could be your last pre! Let us know what you decide. Warm regards, Tony
  2. You didn’t mention a budget so I waited to see if you would. I hope you enjoy your new amplifier, let us know how it sounds to you. If you continue to look for an amp let us know and give us a budget target it make more focused suggestions. Regards, T
  3. I have Klipschorns and 4311s. I love the sound of each but they are apples and oranges. So the answer is...both!
  4. I liked the 70’s HK 430 and 730. They go cheap on eBay and bat way above their cost. Let us know what you decide. Warm regards, Tony
  5. "and it was through the building of Dr. J. Lessard's parallel-feed Horus 2A3 mono blocks over ten years ago that I also gained an appreciation for a choke in the position instead of a resistor." I wonder Eric what your thoughts are now on Jeff L´s amps? I still use the 2A3PP he built for me in my main listening system and have to admit I still love it! my only source of displeasure to this day is a constantly humming hammond trannie underneath, mounted on the front. let me know your thoughts. warm regards, Tony
  6. Seti, Jeff lessard posted some good 2A3 PP schematics with parts lists, etc. On the Magnequest website. But I cannot seem to find them now...btw a great small PP amp is the el84 type; a dynaco st-35 or the eico or pilot equivalents we’re both great sounding amps. I love modern version from Roger Modjeski the Music Reference RM-10 MkII.
  7. My 2A3 PP amplifier, designed and built by Jeff Lessard will be my last amp.
  8. If you are thinking vintage; Fisher, Scott and Dynaco, are all good brands to consider. Hard to suggest what you might do best with without having mentioned a budget or what kind of music and sound you enjoy. You also might consider some non tube stuff like the HK430, which I think sounds great with your speakers. Let us know more and the group can help more. Warm regards, Tony
  9. I have reference series and heritage series speakers and love both. Just to nit pick. Forte aren’t really heritage line....regards, To y
  10. I had a Dynaco ST-120 which sounded awful with my Klipschorns, as did my Marantz Esotec SM-6. The Marantz amp sounded great on my Magnepan speakers though. the Dynaco ended up in an attic space somewhere....
  11. I have a Tripath amp and it sounds fine. For the price you can try it and use it if you like it. Mine is currently driving some patio speakers for background music usage. Enjoy, Tony
  12. I still struggle with the concept of “better” components, I have begun to become more of a subjectivist, what sounds good to me is “better”. In my room, with my music, with my ancillary components my “better” speakers were my Klipschorns, that is why they remain in my system. Are there better speakers out there? In my years of amp, preamp and speaker shoot outs with friends and acquaintances, I found I like the way heritage horns sounded more than cone speakers or panel speakers, so I stayed with them. I have heard great music played on other systems, but my components were selected over the years to play my music the way I like it to sound. So... Are harbeth better than your Klipsch? If they sound better to you, than yes, if not, no. IMHO, YMMV, etc, etc. Enjoy the music! Tony
  13. Beautiful! Post a detailed report on your amp shootout, we will all be interested to see what you hear and decide. Warm regards, Tony
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