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  1. sunnysal

    Cable talk

    thought you might like this Nelson Pass article on wires nelson pass on wires
  2. sunnysal

    SET or PP on full range

    I love my PP 2A3 amp...unfortunately Jeff doesnt make them anymore...so it would have to be a DIY project...
  3. sunnysal

    SET or PP on full range

    Depends so much on room size and listening preferences, but those speakers are fairly efficient (+/- 95) so a 300b SET might get you what you want. I feel a good PP implementation can sound great and with a 300b PP or an EL34 PP you could no doubt get those jumpin. Let us know how it goes! Warm regards, Tony
  4. sunnysal

    Marantz 8B Amp

    8b were probably one of the best amps designed by the great Sid smith, only the model 9 monoblocks were considered better. It wasn’t called the golden age of audio for nothing! Buy them and don’t look back, you might want to have them looked over by a competent tech first though...let us know how this turns out, warm regards, tony
  5. sunnysal

    McIntosh / Klipsch

    I never warmed up to the McIntosh speakers, though I do run a McIntosh MA6400 integrated in my secondary system, but the speakers...all those little mids and tweets firing at the same time...but as I always say this is a taste thing, not science. The 1200k or 2000k from the same line would be logical lefts and rights, but very expensive. You should probably carefully audition them somewhere before buying. Meanwhile maybe try to run a center channel more inlne with your Klipsch fronts, a heresy? A belle? Regards, tony
  6. sunnysal

    This was quite funny and cool

    Klipsch speakers seem to excel at realism. My Klipschorns are one of the few speakers I can hear at a distance and not be sure if it is real or recorded sound, I haven’t experienced that with other brands. A sax, a piano, voices all sound amazingly realistic from my garden or upstairs in my den...regards, Tony
  7. Love these quasi-religious fights about cables, SS versus tubes, write anything you want here compared with anything else you want here....in the end, what sounds good to you, with your music, in your system, in your home IS best for you. If you’re system playing music moves you to get out of your chair to dance with your wife, you truely have mastered the subject! These physics experts and electrical engineers can enjoy that aspect of this hobby as they wish (and constantly bicker about how many angels can fit in the head of a pin) but it always amazes me how they take a subjective conversation about how a complex music reproduction system pleases individuals and try to “teach” the rest of us something about what we should enjoy. Many of us have spent a lot of time and effort to put together a system that please us musically and aesthetically, we juggled many or all of the components in the system until it sounded best to us. Hilarious to see some forum members telling others they are wrong in thier choice or don’t really hear differences. If a hundred dollars got you a system that gets your toe tapping I congratulate you, if it’s cost you ten thousand I also congratulate you, you are receiving the gift of musical enjoyment. If you are trying to put someone’s down for thier tastes or preferences you should probably troll at prop-head or tech at audio asylum. Here at the Klipsch forums we have more tolerance traditionally than that, sharing opinions and experiences while trying not to cross the line into dogma or preaching. Or I could be wrong and the forum has degraded...regards, Tony
  8. sunnysal

    I'm a Believer! (another cable story)

    I spent some years trying out different interconnects and speaker cables in my system. Settled on some that sounded best to me, the rest sit in a box in my office. Audiquest, Van den hull, synergistic research, MIT, Cardas, lots of stuff sitting around, some in use, some not. None seemed to have as much influence on the sound as my electronics...so I focused on getting my system to a point where I loved the music and stopped tweaking. I am sure people can optimize any and all pieces of their system, including cables. I say more power to them, if it helps them enjoy the music more. I won’t call foul even if they use magic dots on thier LPs, Just don’t tell me what’s right or wrong for me in my house, on my system with my music. Enjoy the music. Warm regards from sunny El Salvador, Tony
  9. sunnysal

    where have all the good guys gone ?

    I’m still here...not sure if I am one of the good guys..but was active starting in early 2000...warm regards, tony
  10. sunnysal

    Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    That was a JFLessard preamp?
  11. sunnysal

    Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    my slightly moddded marantz 7t
  12. As some people have mentioned the k-horns have lots of "famous" fans in audio circles; some above mentioned Mark Levinson, another mentioned John Curl (a big fan of k-horns), Nelson Pass is another fan as was Sid Smith the great designer from the golden years of Marantz (model 8 and 9 among others). Dick Heyser and Gordon Gow were both users as well....while not everyone´s cup of tea, Klipshcorns are for many their favorite speakers ever, including me! warm regards, Tony
  13. is dana moore a forum member? T
  14. sunnysal

    FM tuners

    I have an old SAE tuner, owned it since new. never thought to upgrade, reception is more about antennas than the tuner IMHO. regards, T
  15. I may have missed a post on this but have we established that the bass bins are jubilee clones? if so I wish Klipsch would go after them....anyone can confirm this for me? thanks, T