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RC-52 vs RC-62


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I currently have a pair of RF-52s for fronts and RB-51s for rear surround and was planning on getting the RS-42s and RC-52 for the rest of the matched set. However, I have the opportunity to pick up an RC-62 for less than the cost of the RC-52 (new, authorized dealer, etc). I understand that the RC-52 is timbre matched to the RF-52, but how much does this really matter with this set up? I don't plan on upgrading the fronts any time soon. So I'm wondering whether it is better to keep everything matched or get the better center while saving a few bucks.



Klipsch RF-52 Fronts
Polk CS2 Center
Polk Monitor 40 Surrounds
Klipsch RB-51 Rear Surround
Klipsch RW-10D Subwoofer
Onkyo HT-RC360 Receiver
Epson PowerLite 8350 Projector
120" Elite Screen

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No comparison IMO. I've owned both in the same room do it was an easy comparison. 62 blows the 52 away. I currently use rb51's as surrounds and an rc42 as my single rear surround. They all sound great with my rf7's.

I'd echo Jason's comments. RC62 is a far better center than the 52 (which is still a fine speaker).

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I've owned both, thought I'd save some money by getting the 52 and had it for a year. No matter how much I tried to level match the 52 it just didn't cut it. I ended up getting the RC-62 and it is a much better speaker in every way.

If you can get the 62 for a lower price its a no brainer for sure! Don't make the same mistake as me, it ended up costing much more because I bought a 52 and ended up selling for less then half of what I. Paid for it.

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Get the 62! As far as level matching either should work, but that is a matter of the pre-amp on how well it does it's job. I have mixed and matched different sieries speakers in my system and have never had a problme with hearing dialogue due to level matching or timber.

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Guest srobak

I use an RC-62 with RF-35 mains, RF-42 surrounds and Synergy Sub12 on an HK AVR 645. I am completely happy with it - dialogue always sound clear and loud.

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