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Hello all. I have a pair of LaScala's I bought used around 1978/1979. I recently redecorated my living room and just don't have room for them any more. My question is, what are they worth? Were all Lascala's made the same? Is there anything that would set one year apart from another? Would any info I need be on the back of the speakers?

I do hate to even think about selling them. As you see from my purchase date, they have served me many years, many wonderful years.

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you could get max $250 for the pair, send them to me and I will pay you $400 Smile.gif

not really haha. those can get quite a bit really. look for 700-1500, that is the range i often see on eBay. most are 1100-1700 if in good shape, i have seen them go for more, but there were other factors in those speakers.

i don't think one year really sets a speaker apart from another year. but taking a picture of the speakers from different angles will allow a better appraisal, along with a good picture of the back where the serial number and what not are.

geez. sure wish i could take these off your hands. being 17, going on 18 August 2 (you may send all gifts to Justin Scott, 7503.... haha), these would be most excellent for when i get my apartment in college. but alas, I have allready started my building of some University Horns.

yeah, so, back on topic. get us some pictures and especially what the back label has written on it. you should be able to get some good money from these if they are in good shape.



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You dont identify the age of your La Scalas, but IMO, the late 70s models with the Type AA network (and K-55-Vs with solder terminals) are the most desireable because they sound better. The difference is small, but there in the lower treble region. I bought one pair of my La Scalas of of E-bay for $450. They had a loose wire. The other pair I bought out of the paper for $1000. They were unfinished. Depending on real condition, They should go for $800 to $1200. I think you'll get the highest price for them on ebay.


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To get top dollar on Ebay, talk them up and post lots of pictures.

Make sure to mention that you are the first and only owner, give the serial numbers give all the specs etc. You can get all the specs out of the pamphlet from when you purchased the speakers. The more knowledgeable and interested you sound, the more it will be appearant that you took good care of your speakers.

Post them here also, Its goot to see them go to other people who really appreciate them.


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