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Hi, everybody,

I have a nice pair of Chorus in Walnut Oil in great cosmetic and functional condition. If you really like Chorus these are a great buy. The speakers play great and there is no degradation at all. I will ship them on a pallet, freight to the nearest freight co dock station for whatever they charge me, these will only go to Klipsch community members!!! I am asking $500 for the pair and shipping will run from $99 to $286 depending where you are located. I am not charging my trip to the dock station here, neither pallet, wrapping materials, etc. Only for you!! I have it on ..Bay for $600 and shipping will cost more also.

If you need more pics let me know or take a look at


I recently came across a pair or Cornwalls that i couldn't pass on them....Wow what a fantastic speaker, Best Klipsch pair i have ever listened to. Life like sound with big bass, hard to find in any speaker like that

I'd Like to hear your comments on any comparisson to Cornwalls. Good Health and take care to you all.###########SOLD#############


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Hi, Michael,

Always nice to hear from you, and thank you for the nice words. By the way, i just finishing watching a movie on the new system, cornwall pair for mains, and i gotta tell you, unbelivable even on movies. I love my other sytem, my RF-7 set up but, these cornwalls give you a felling that you are there, in the cene. Awesome!!

You gotta come over and listen to them. Take care. Celso.

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