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Sennheiser HD 570 Headphones


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Many years ago, I purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD 570 Headphones and loved them. When they broke, I replaced them with a pair of HD 555 but did not like the way they felt on my ears AT ALL. I remembered how the HD 570's feelt so light and not tight around the ears and can easily wear them for hours on end without fatigue or pressure on your head or ears so I purchased another set. Unfortunately, these have not gotten much use since I purchased them and thus I am selling them.

These cans are Open Air which to me, sound much more natural than Closed headphones but because of that, others around you will be able to hear the sound as well.

In perfect working condition and in excellent cosmetic condition. Ear pads have no tears and are in great shape. Selling for $90 shipped or pickup in Plant City, FL for $80. Comes with the original cable. I do not believe the 1/4" adapter I'm including was original as it looks like it is a mono plug.








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Detailed item info

Product Information
Sennheiser HD 570 is an open-ear design headphone for you to have a
good listening experience. Weighing only 210g, this Sennheiser Headphone
also fits to your ear comfortably. This Sennheiser Hi-Fi Stereo
Headphone boast high frequency of 18 - 22,000 Hz that delivers clear and
detail sound at any range. The Low-distortion Duofol diaphragms in this
Sennheiser Headphone provide clear sound with superb details. With the
single sided cable, this Sennheiser Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone allows easy
moving around the room even while wearing it. The Sennheiser HD 570 is
good for producing perfect midrange, deep and bass response.

Product Identifiers
Brand Sennheiser
Model HD 570
MPN 004552
UPC 015104045529
Fit Design Headband
Earpiece Design Ear-Cup (Over the Ear)
Sensitivity 102 dB
Frequency Response 18 Hz - 22 kHz
Impedance 64 ohms
Color Silver/Black
Features Detachable Cable, Open Back
Connectivity Type Wired
Cable Length 9.84 ft
Plug Type 3.5 mm, 6.3 mm, 6.35 mm
Weight 7.41 oz
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