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Distortion from one of my KLF-30 woofers.... :(


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Hi, I'm the proud owner of a new pair of KLF-30's that I bought on Ubid a couple weeks ago. However, I began noticing that in some instances, the sound coming from one speaker seemed to be "muffled" and distorted. I wasn't sure if it was a specific soundtrack recording or if it the was the speaker itself, so I experimented with some other sound sources.

I found that the distortion is VERY noticable during low sounds (such as the opening drum beats at the very beginning of the Princess Mononoke soundtrack). I compared the speaker closely with its matching speaker, and I've come to the conclusion that it's definitely a problem with the speaker itself. I pinpointed it to the "upper"/"higher" woofer on the KLF-30 (i'm not sure if this would be called, the midrange or what). It's noticeably giving off the distorted sound.

Anyway, I'm wondering what might be causing this. Right now I have my KLF-30's bi-wired with monster cable. I checked all the external connections and they all appear to the correct and solid. Would this be the result of a bad "internal" connection? These speakers are pretty much brand new (a couple weeks old), and I'm not sure if I should try taking out the "problem woofer" to check the connection. Would this void the warranty somehow?

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this problem or what I might try to remedy it? I was thinking of calling Tweeter, but I'm not sure if they would help me because I did not purchase my speakers there. Well, any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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That 'muffling' sound almost sounds like to me what you get when a horn becomes detached from the driver.

When you compare left and right are they pretty much the same loudness? Also, with the exception of the 'distortion', do both speakers have pretty much the same sonic signature?

If you are sure the horns in that channel are working properly -- then you probably ended up with a defective woofer.

Call the Klipsch parts department and ask for Trey Cannon. He might let you send him the bad driver and send a new one back to you.




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Thanks for the input. I actually just fixed the problem yesterday (right before I was about to call Klipsch) by loosening one of the screws holding the woofer on a little bit. Apparently one of the screws was too tight and was 'warping' the woofer somehow, nothing visible but just enough to distort the sound coming out. It seems wierd to me, but the problem appears to be gone now. I could actually hear the distortion come back while playing music and re-tightening the screw again. Has anyone ever experienced, or even heard of this happening before?

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