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Newer & Lower Price: Electro-Voice Horns: HP640


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My garage and den are not yet empty and more projects keep getting piled up.

Consequently, I need to sell a pair of Electro-Voice horns These are the HP 640 Constant Directivity horns. They have a 2 inch throat and can be driven by EV DH1A drivers, JBL 2445, 2446, 2450's (I had used a JBL 2446 for a two-way Jubilee system). There are many other choices (2 inch throat with the standard 4-bolt pattern). If you are independently wealthy then a TAD 4002 would sound nice.

They are constant directivity (meaning the frequency response on and off-axis are comparable and they do not "beam" at higher frequencies). Horizontal directivity is 60 deg and mantained from 500 Hz to 20kHz. Vertical directivity is 40 deg and mantained from 1.5 kHz to 20 kHz. They have horn loading down to 500 Hz. So you wnat to cross these at 500 Hz or higher. They can definitely be used in a two-way system.

They measure 13 in tall x 28 in wide x 17 in deep. One is the original dark gray and the other is spray painted black. Both have factory applied dampening on the outside. There are no cracks or broken holes, the fins in the throat are in good shape. ONe does have two extra hole drilled in the flange.

The bad news is that because of their size, shipping can be pricey. For example, Connecticut to North Carolina or Michigan would be about $50 per horn. So a local sale is preferred, but I will pack and ship them if you are okay with the shipping charges. They are located in SE Connecticut near the casino and Submarine base, or within an hour of New Haven, Hartford, and Providence.

I have further lowered the price down to $150 for the pair of horns.

Please help me get these out of my garage. It is bursting at the seams.

Let's look at some photos ....


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