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Juicy Music Tercel II MM tube phono stage $525


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With the birth of my baby girl on March 28, 2013, I've done some soul searching and have decided to re-align my priorities. As a result I am selling off my truly wonderful analog front end starting with this lovely Juicy Music Tercel II phono preamplifier.

This unit comes with two MM inputs, though a SUT can easily be wired to the second one to accomodate LOMC, I was thinking cinemags myself.

The phono pre will come with excellent upgraded tubes including comprised of:

1. 12at7 Tung Sol

2. 12at7 Telefunken

3. 12ax7 Baldwin organ pull

Paypal and shipping are extra. Pick up at 11788 is welcome.

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Bump for congratulating you on the birth of your daughter and welcoming Gopher to the forum.

Close up and in focus photos always draw in interested parties for excellent gear. There are excellent detailed instructions from a couple of members you can find by searching. I believe HudsonValleyNoah has them as a link in his posts.

Just also wondering what you are replacing it with or are you selling off your system? Cheers and good luck with your sale.

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