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SOLD: TEAC DS-H01b Digital Docking Station/DAC


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This unit is practically new, with less than 5 hours of use. I bought it

thinking I'd like to be able to play music that is not on vinyl in my listening

room, but I've decided that won't happen often enough to justify it! Per the

TEAC website:

TEAC's DS-H01 is a digital docking station for playback of Apple's iPhone,

iPad, iTouch or iPod through your audio system. Unlike most iOS docks, the

DS-H01 has a high-quality D/A converter built in – the 192kHz/24-bit Burr Brown

PCM1796. This takes a digital signal directly from your iPod, bypassing the

audio components of the portable device. The result is the best-possible audio

playback quality from Apple's iOS products.

Also available on the DS-H01 is a USB jack for connecting the iPhone, iPad or

iPod to your computer and iTunes library. A video output can be connected to a

standard monitor for playback of movies or television programs, and digital

outputs are included for digital throughput of the iOS signal. The officially

licensed dock connector provides power to your device for charging.

For those who want the portability of an iPod with the high-fidelity of a

TEAC audio component, the DS-H01 is a must-have for your listening system.

The unit ships in the original packaging, with remote, manual and all cords.

There are NO issues with this unit! By the way, I've used it with my iPhone 5

(with the Lightning connector) as well as my iPod Nano. This is the black

version. If my Photobucket links don't work, PM me and I'll email photos to you.

$160 + $15 shipping inthe CONUS




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