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JM BBX preamp w/lomc SOLD


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Juicy Music Blueberry extreme w/lomc. It is in very good condition cosmetically and sonically it has that magic to me. The remote control is hit and miss though and I need a remote so I'm putting it on the block. For those that don't need a remote it is a nice option. The manual remote works great. Has the 6H30 Russian NOS tube. Will include the original EH 6H30 tube as well.Had this unit posted a year ago and agreed on a price with Jeepers but then I had second thoughts and wanted to A/B it with another preamp before letting it go. I sent a PM to Jeepers saying hold off. Before he saw my PM he had sent the check. I sent his check back to him of course as soon as I got it. It was my fault and in hindsight I wished I'd gone ahead with the deal. That has been the only transaction I've had on this forum buying or selling that was not flawless and enjoyable.

Anyway, I've have not had any problems with the unit in the year and a half since I sent it to Mark Deneen and got a clean bill of health on it after Ihad problem blowing fuses a few times. Mark told me to just use the main black power on/off button to turn it on/olff and not to use the standby mode on the other button. Since he told me this I have not had a single problem with the unit. I have enjoyed the music so much listening with the preamp in my system. Ran it with dynaco st-70, mcintosh mc2100 and mc2105, and quicksilver mini mites. was great match with all. Asking $1200. Knocked it down a couple hundred since last time since it is a year older and the remote control issue. The pictures are the same ones from last year but this unit has been kept in my rack in a smoke free and pet free home. No changes in condition that I can see from these pictures.

Will ship but I welcome local transaction and audition by forum members.



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