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FS: Audio Analogue Puccini SE Integrated Amp


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Close to mint condition Audio Analogue Puccini SE integrated amp, in the black

finish. This is the non-remote version. 50W/Ch into 8 ohms (80W/ch in to 4 ohms). Uses a dual toroidal

transformers. Includes a MM/MC phono stage that sounds terrific (is able to

drive a Denon 103 without the need for an SUT). Includes 2 sets of binding posts

to allow for bi-wiring (not A and B). Inputs include tuner, video, aux and tape,

and has tape outputs as well.

I have been very happy with this integrated, driving both my Klipsch KG4.2

and Frugel-Horn Mk3 speakers. But, I have my sights set on going back to tube

amplification, so this is on the block. That said, I'd consider a trade/partial

trade for a nice tube integrated or vintage tube receiver (Scott 222, Fisher

400/500, Eico, etc.).

Please read the SoundStage! review in the attached link (http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/todd22.htm). There's also more

info and reviews on-line. You won't be disappointed!

I have pics if you're interested, just email and ask! I'll charge actual

shipping costs. I don't have the original box, but will pack it extremely well

and double box it for protection.

$500 + shipping. Paypal, check, money order/cashier's check accepted (will ship after check clears).


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