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EV DH1A users?

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I recently picked up a pair of DH1A and I am very pleased with them. Wondering if there are other users here and if any of you have used notch filters to smooth out the impedance peaks? Does anyone have a factory graph of the impedance on a plane wave tube? I am going to uses a Karlson K-Tube on my DH1A so the plane wave tube response should be good to go with in my situation. thanks for any and all feedback. Best regards Moray James.

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No, I have not - every application of mine has been with active xovers in the system.

Have you seen this?

Most of the EQ you need is above 5kHz, and even on the (not so great) HP9040 horn the impedance isn't affected much from the plane-wave response.

You could always purchase this guy for $100 and actually measure the impedance on your horn:

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a few more questions. First have you been able to compare the 8 and 16 ohm versions of the DH1A? The overall magnitude of the 16 ohm version is lower than the 8 ohm version so I am curious about the sound difference.

Since I am thinking about a two way your comment about the K1132 is very interesting could you elaborate further on the K1132 and do you have a data sheet for it? Thanks a lot for the assistance. Best regards Moray James.

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