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Tube art . . what lies beneath

mustang guy

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Pair of VRD mono blocks I finished the other day. Most of the photos posted previously are of simple single ended designs a more complicated amp is much harder to make nice and neat.

attachicon.gifTimBlake VRD1.jpg

I like how you have the brass inserts in the corners for the bottom screws to screw into, vs the wood. Saves the wood over time. Is that Cakes doing, or yours, looks like something that takes a little extra time. Very nice and clean.

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Who or what is cakes? The wood chassis is now built by forum member Tom Keady built the way I specified. The brass inserts are a must do long term. I built them myself for the first 6 or 7 years but just got tired of dusting my entire shop plus time started getting tight.

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On 4/5/2014 at 1:07 AM, mustang guy said:

This amp was a custom build by a true artist. I am breaking the rules of the thread a bit because it is not what is beneath this amp that makes it special. It is the artistry and care of the external build. The guts of this 6V6 amp came from a Magnavox console. He COMPLETELY customized it. I don't know how much time he has involved, but it was a lot. A true beauty. The amp is for sale "Magnavox Tube Stereo HiFi Amplifier Amp 175-FF Push-Pull 6V6 Customized!" The other image is of an un-customized 175 amp.



who makes these how can I contact them? 

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