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Streaming Music iMac to DAC?


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OK, I think that I have this figured out!

My 2 channel stereo is in the den, iMac computer in the living room with a apple time capsule (2 TB hard drive) up stairs. What I want to do is connect a new apple airport express to the Rennisance II DAC with a mini optical digital/Toslink cable.

I will manage iTunes on the iMac with my music catalog (over 9000 songs) on the time capsule, the airport express will connect to the time capsule via WIFI. The airport express will connected to the DAC via a mini optical digital/Toslink cable.

Now, if I'm thinking right and my network is set up correctly, I should be able to sit on the couch with my iPad or iPhone and be able to control iTunes and stream music, right?

I know that this is kinda all over the place and a bit confusing, at least to me....

What do y'all think?



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