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The Klipsch crossovers thread is sometimes impossible to find, even when searching this specific forum with the exact title name. This forum software is inept, so I created this post as a pointer to the crossover thread. If you want to see the Klipsch crossover schematic or schematics, then click the link. Hopefully with repeating use of crossover and network, the search will see this thread at least.

-------->Klipsch crossovers<--------

A crossover is a passive network that Klipsch uses to make high pass filters and low pass filters in their speakers. The Klipsch crossovers are very good and if you are reading this, and you know anything about searching, this is a good way to make a crossover network pop up. It's pretty frustrating to even have to do this, but it will work. I think passive networks are the same crossover networks that filter high pass and low pass and band pass. These words look a lot like junk. I try not to filter the capacitor, capacitors, inductor, inductors, and other crossover passive components.

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