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Heresys VS Boston Acoustics VRM60


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I've got a vintage tube amp, HH Scott 299B (which is about 20 watts per channel) hooked up to my Heresy I and it sounds great. I bought a pair of Boston Acoustics VRM60 (89 db sensitivity) to hookup up to the Scott as I wanted to move the Heresy's to my monoblocks. The Boston Acoustics SUCK. Is this because (1) THEY SUCK are (2) my little amp doesn't have enough power for a 89 db sensitivity? I wanted another unbiased opinion before I launch them back to BA. Never strey from Klipsch again!

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Originally posted by deang:

Let's see, how can I be diplomatic about this?

The VRM60's are a nice speaker if you are in need of a good nap.

pretty much

89dB... LoL

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It's not that the sensivity rating is so bad -- it's just how Boston voices their drivers.

It's like the sound is being delivered to your ears riding on the back of a snail. It just plain doesn't get there. No speed or attack at all.

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If the Bostons are the ones I am thinking about they are the very small bookshelf speakers and I have heard them.

I would disagree with most of the posters here in that when I heard them driven by a 200 wpc SS amp they were really good - for their size and in a small room.

Obviously I would not compare them to the Heresy's which have a far greater room-filling ability but if I have a small room (say 10' square with 8' ceilings) I would certainly consider them.

In that environment - with the aforementioned high power amp - they sing very prettily indeed with a remarkable soundstage.

On your tubes however - I am surprised they play at all - and you might be actually damaging them with so little power.


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