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Crossover diagram for CF-3 v1's versus v2 & v3?


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Is there a major benefit to changing the crossovers up to where mine are the version 1's instead of my later models? What the major differences you get sound wise? Hell, mine sound great as they are and just considered swapping out for better caps and resistors but if there is something noticeable about altering them, I'd try it. Still need to get longer ports done for them at some point.

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as far as I can tell crossover wise the only difference between a Rev 1 and a Rev 2 is input cap value and one less resistor so it is a snap to turn a rev 2 board into a Rev 1 then you only have to adjust the vent length and you have a full conversion. I did this and did like the sound of the Rev 1 over the other version(s) I have. Try it and see you are the only one who knows it you will like the difference or not. The Rev 1 was Roy's best kick at the cat after that they were only trying to make (deaf) dealers happy. It is up to you to decide. It is only two small changes to the network which you can change back if you don't like it, no big deal. Best regards Moray James.

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