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Klipsch RF-42ii - Sound EQ HELP!


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So I have a pair of RF-42ii and a Dayton 1200 sub for my TV. I've been having huge trouble with receivers and have gone through 4 different ones until I finally ended up getting the Denon X2000. This may sound crazy but with the cheaper receiver I had - AVR E200 and AVR E300 on these same towers the sound was a lot more "open" and seemed to "surround me" this was most noticeable when listening to music. 


It was just more enjoyable listening to music. I don't know what the reason for this could be but right now it feels like when I listen to music as if someone has put a barrier in between the speakers and my ears. It's hard to explain the difference but it's a significant difference.


Could this be down to EQ? I played around with the EQ and it did make it sound a little bit more "open" but it still doesn't get anywhere close to how it felt when listening with the E200/E300. E200 doesn't have audyysey mic, but E300 does. I used it for E300 and it sounded great. Question is less of which receiver is better quality but more of how do I get that same "room-filling" experience.


I hope its simply down to room eq.


Thanks a ton :)

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Anyone who comes across this, I figured it out. I had placed the mic incorrectly and at an angle. Realised how important it is to have the mic on a tripod and proper placement. Also followed guide on what distance to place your speakers based on the distance of your seating position and distance from walls/corners. Follow all those little things they make a huge difference. Once I got all placement as perfect I could I ran audyssey with the mic on the tripod and it turned out great. A few tweaks here an there with crossover and room-eq and it's awesome.

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