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KLF C-7 as mains???


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I was think would it be possible, well it would be, but how well would it go if you brought 3 KLF C-7's used them as mains, and have the KSP-S6's are your rear's, but one, or even 2 KSW-15's, thus giving you a sort of THX style sound system?? Tell me would this work? Has anyone tried or done this?

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BobG has said the KLF-C7 turned long axis vertical would make good rear channel speakers. They are obviously M-T-M configuration and should work pretty well. I like mine as a center. They absolutely will require a sub.

How far are you from Canberra?


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I think the KLF-C7s would make a great lcr trio, and in fact, agree that they would be a great way to go all the way around. At least with the addition of a good Klipsch sub or two.

I seriously considered going this route myself with my he-man audio rig, thinking multi-channel music is definitely going to be the future of home audio, but ultimately I could not shake my k-horn jones - still working on the belle for the center. No real hurry though, as SACD and DVD audio seem to be taking off about like the spruce goose.



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If you turn KLF-C7's sideways, the dispersion pattern of the horn will be 60 degrees wide by 90 high, just backwards from that intended by Klipsch and specified by THX. Instead, wait for the new RC-7 which will allow you to rotate the horn back to 'normal' orientation when you run the speakers in a vertical position. Three of those across the front will be pretty cool as they will have other substantial performance enhancements over KLF-C7. Better drivers (especially the big compression driver in the "7" series and tapered array network. Coming soon to a (home) theater near you.

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