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FS: Quicksilver Tube Amps, Polk, Cambridge, Sony etc


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Circumstances dictate I clear out a bunch of my audio gear. All is in excellent to mint condition with original boxes, manuals and remotes (where applicable). Email if interested. All gear is available for audition in the San Antonio, TX, area. Shipping is extra but will be actual cost via FEDEX ground.

Polk LSiM 707.  Polk's current flagship that still sells for $4k+.  Cherry finish, mint with boxes.  Absolutely gorgeous build quality on par with Thiel and Sonus Faber, in my opinion.  Very well balanced speaker.  Asking $2150

Cambridge Audio 840a V2 integrated amplifier. Built like a tank using Cambridge's XD amplifier technology. Great integrated amp.  Asking $675

Quicksilver tube mini-mite mono-block amps. Mike Sanders classic hand built tube amps. $750 for the pair.

Sony DVP-7000ES DVD/SACD player. Very heavy, well built and sounds great! Like a vault door closing when you feed it a CD. $275 obo

Audio Nirvana 8" Single driver speakers. Built for smooth jazz and female vocals. Very detailed and tremendous in that regard. Not a head banging speaker though so would not recommend it in that area. $450.

Email if interested.







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Thanks.  I might also consider some trades, or trades +cash.   Looking for some vintage gear (silver era receivers) or possibly even a pair of Klipsch Forte's, Chorus, EPIC CF-3 or 4, or maybe even a KLF 20/30.   Just part of the wild cycles of changing gear I get into every year or so.  

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Shameless bump.  No one needs a pair of Tube Mono-blocks specifically made for horn speakers?  I had these running my KHorns and the sound was incredible.   Will give it a few more days then list on Audiogon if no one here is interested.  Thanks much.

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