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  1. If you are willing to meet halfway for a handoff, I'll take it. I'm about 2.5 hours from Louisville and live in KY.
  2. Anyone have experience with this amp on a pair of LaScalas or Khorns? Would it be a good match or too noisy? I'm worried at 106db efficient, the amp might produce too much hiss or hum from the speakers. I don't have the ability to listen to it first so just wondering if anyone here has used it to success. This would be a modded one (as it should be since this particular unit was built around 1962) Thanks.
  3. Well, after many years of wandering in the audiophile wilderness trying over 100 other speakers in my main system (Revel Salons, Magnepan 3.7i's, ATCs, Thiels, etc, etc...) I finally decided to come back home to Klipsch as I've owned more Klipsch speakers than anything else (3 pairs of Khorns, 6 pairs of Chorus, 5 Pair of Cornwalls, etc, etc..). I had almost forgotten what attracted to me the sound of a horn speaker; immediacy and dynamics. I ordered and received my new pair of LaScals IIIs (AKA AL-5's) over the weekend and just got them set up (see pics). I'm currently using some vintage Pioneer Elite gear (M-91, C-91, etc) and it sounds incredible! Nothing reproduces a jazz horn like a horn speaker! Now I think I'd like to match up the LaScalas with some Tube gear or maybe a warmer sound SS amp. I do have a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated in another system which might be the perfect match for them but haven't tried it yet. Any suggestions from those who have this speaker? (McIntosh, NOSValves, etc)? Obviously I'd want something with a very low noise floor as I don't want any buzzing or hissing. Appreciate any suggestions.
  4. I know this is an old thread. As luck would have it, I recently acquired a mint (and I mean truly mint as it has been professionally re-veneered in blonde oak) KG SW. It is indeed passive and extremely musical when used with my (matching re-veneered) Heresy's. This is more of a musical sub vs. a home theater type sub. No bloom or bloat with this. These seem to be relatively hard to come across. Klipsch must have not made many. That being said, I am changing my room to a HT setup so I will probably put it back into the closet or list it on ebay eventually.
  5. The most iconic loudspeaker ever and needs no introduction. The Klipschorns are the longest continuously produced loudspeaker ever made and has remained virtually unchanged over 70 years!! While large, what makes these speakers so uncanny is they play well in any size room; large or small as they evenly load a room. Also, at 104db efficient (with only 1 watt of power!!) these will fill a room effortlessly and allow you to use either tube amps (SETs, push-pull etc) or solid state amps. Probably the best speakers for home theater due to their tremendous dynamic range (you can hear every whisper) and equally well for music. Large scale orchestra or quiet jazz combos will come alive in your room. These speakers are in walnut and are in fair condition for their age (1974). They sound fabulous!! Considering a new pair of Khorns are $12,000; mine are quite a steal at my asking price. You will need a van or pickup truck to pick these up. They are large and heavy (as all well built, made to last speakers are). Serious inquiries only please.
  6. LaScalas are now sold. Carvers still available. Reasonable offers will be considered.
  7. Folks have been asking questions about the LaScalas so thought I would follow up with additional info and some pics. They are from 1990 and from a non-smoking home. Very good shape but with one nick on a back corner. Otherwise cabinets, grills, crossovers in excellent shape.
  8. One of the most iconic truly full range speakers ever made. These are the original Carver Amazing Platinum Loudspeakers. These are basically New Old Stock in that they have been in storage for most of their life. The ribbons are pristine as well as the cabinets which are a beautiful high gloss black. There are rarely available for sale due to their rarity and size. They have 4 open baffle 12" woofers per speaker and offer true 'full range' capability and extend below 20Hz! The 60" of true ribbons per speaker sparkle like no other speaker out there. They are like a large Magnepan on steroids in that they have the same open, box-less sound but much better bass and dynamic capabilities. Bob Carver's newest flagship is over $15,000 which he tried to incorporate the sound of these into something much smaller for the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). I do recommend a good, high current amp to drive these but that goes without saying. You wouldn't drive a Ferrari with cheap tires. Woofers have been upgraded and re-foamed so these are truly 'plug and play'. Only reason for sale is due to upcoming move out of state and I don't have the boxes. These will compete with speakers costing well over $10k (I've owned a number of them) and were the assault on the high end on a complete full range package. No low-ballers or scammers. If you don't know what these are, please do your research. If you do know what these are, you will never find a pair of these in this condition and the price is an absolute steal versus anything out there. Cash and local pickup only. You will need a truck or van for pickup. If you are in the San Antonio area I might be able to help you with the transport in my vehicle. These are extremely well built, designed and sounding. No cosmetic or operational issues. One listen and you will be sold. Serious inquiries only please. Price for the Carvers is- $1750. Also, I will be selling my near mint Black Klipsch LaScalas. These have the grills and sound gorgeous. Asking $1200. Same reason for sale---no boxes. No pics yet but i can send to anyone interested.
  9. Up for sale are my ALK modded Walnut Khorns. These have extensive modifications to perform like no other Klipschorns I have ever owned or listened to. Well over $2k in mods to include: Beyma CP25 tweeters ($300); B&C DE85TN Midrange Drivers ($460); Eliptrac 400 mid horns ($525); 2 part crossovers with the ES5800 tweeter XO ($420) and the AP12-500 woofer XO ($350). This is all connected by pure silver internal wiring. The result is the cleanest, most dynamic and most musical Klipsch speakers I have ever owned or listened to. (I've owned, on multiple occasions at that, almost every Klipsch speaker model out there with the exclusion of the Jubilees. These out-perform them all, to include the Jubilees, in my opinion). Mods raise the efficiency to 107db. The 2" throat on the mid horns eliminate the horn shout that some find displeasing leaving you an extremely open airy speaker that actually images quite well! These have all the qualities I always loved about the Khorns (dynamics, etc), without any of the effects I did not like (horn ringing, limited imaging, etc). I would rate them in good condition for their age. Speakers are available for audition and purchase in San Antonio, Texas area. These would probably be cost prohibitive to ship. Considering the cost of the mods, I am asking $2950, which I believe to be a bargain. I might consider a trade plus cash, depending on what you have. Email if interested. I might consider a hand off halfway for those from the DFW area but these are large speakers so you would need a van or pickup for transport. NOTE: Original Stock Klipsch mid and tweeter horns and drivers are also included in the deal should you want to go back to a stock version (although if you listen to both you will quickly dismiss that idea as the modded version is easily better).
  10. *Last Bump* Flagship Klipsch (this IS the Klipsch Board, isn't it?) for sale or trade. Need the room for my Thiel CS5i's. Opportunity to own the ultimate in Klipsch sound. Email if interested. You'll never find a better sounding pair.
  11. *BUMP* Price drop to $2950 for Klipsch Board Members only. Let me add I am also including the original mid and tweeter horns and grill assembly in the deal. With over $2k in upgrades, it really like getting a pair of Khorns for $900! Email if interested.
  12. No functional issues at all. They sound incredible and much better than stock as I explained in my ad. Cosmetically, I would rate them a 6 or 7 due to age. I would certainly prefer a local sale due to size/weight plus I would love the person to audition these as I know their sound would quickly sell themselves.
  13. Yes, I have them on the local (San Antonio and Austin) CL boards as well to promote a local sale. Hopefully, someone who knows what they are will come check them out and I can find a good home for them. Also, I keep forgetting to add, the original mid and tweeter horns (as well as the grill covers for them) are included in the deal.
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