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If I had the money;

If I had any way of getting them here;

If I had any place to put them once they arrived;

I wouldn't bring this up.

But aren't those 15" woofers in there, instead of the 12 inchers advertised? Check out where the heads of the mounting bolts are. The seller may have just measured the cut-out and assumed an eleven inch or so hole meant a 12" driver.

I sure hope whoever winds up with these isn't planning to break them up for parts. The "put your TV on it" Shorthorns are pretty rare as it is.

Capt'n Bob

p.s. I believe the slot is buried inside the cabinet, with the back and rear sides (the parts usually supplied by the corner of the room) closed off so the unit could be free standing. The baby 12" Rebels are set up the same way.cwm24.gif

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Well, If I had anywhere to put them and any way to get them here, I'd have already bid. I hate the thought of shipping them common carrier and a Road trip from Tennessee to NH doesn't sound so good either.


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