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New Design Onkyo TX-RZ900


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for what its worth I just got my 636 back from repair, becaue it kept turning itself off, some times after only 40 minutes of use.   I get it home, and got everything conected and when I ran the room correction program, it gets to the side surround speaker and POP stops working, its off to repair again, I wonder how many times they cobble a fix before I get a refund,  I am not happy, this 636 was a replacement for the 608 that melted on us...  and  we have had this about 6 months :(

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Steve, I wonder what your 636 was, new or refurb?  I'd hate to think they gave you a refurb that may be more problem than the one it replaced.


I have an Onk 717 which I love and it has worked perfectly for two years.  However, it is right in that range of models where the dreaded HDMI board problem is.  I have my 717 well ventilated, but the board failure is not a question of "if" it will go out but "when."

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