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Klipsch Cornwalls 1 Wyoming


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Upgrades include Dynamicaps in the crossovers, Cardas binding posts (will not accept bananas without adapters), new wiring from binding posts to the crossover and then to the woofers, mortite caulk wrapped around the horns. These are from 1977 are in remarkable condition considering the age, there are a few chips on one of the risers otherwise pretty much like new. The ink on the labels has faded were it is hard to read but the numbers stamped into the cabinet are 12R995 & 12R996. I puchased these several years ago from the estate of the original owner, and then did the upgrades and at this time they are not being used, they sound great.  All original drivers.


I need to get $1000 to recoup my investment, local pick up only, may be able to deliver within a reasonable distance.


I'm having trouble posting pics as my file sizes are too large, please see my listing on the Wyoming craigslist.  http://wyoming.craigslist.org/ele/5218878168.html


Thanks, Greg

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Hey Schu, thanks for posting the pictures, not sure why I was having trouble.


I thought the speakers sounded best driven by tube amps which included a pair of Prometheus Audio 2A3 monoblocks and a Dennis Had Inspire, although solid state works fine also.

I will probably be listing the amps for sale also in the near future.

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