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Fisher 400 and KG4, a good match?


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FIrst of all I am new to hi-fi.  I am looking at a set of KG4 for $200 on craigslist to hook up to my Fisher 400 amp.  Anyone have any experience with this combo?  Will the ~25ish WPC of this amp be enough for these speakers?


Also, I am new to owning speakers of this age 25+ years old.  What should I plan to have to repair / replace?  I am already gearing up to do my first cap upgrades.





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It will power them fine. The caps being redone is a good thing.


Some others including myself, have done the full crossovers, as well as the tweeters. Results will vary depending on who you use if you go the route of someone else building the crossovers and redoing the tweeters.


I have a set of KG 4.2'S I did both crossovers and tweeters on and they sound very nice, and a set of forte II I did the crossovers on but didn't do the tweeters as I felt it was to much when testing them out with new tweeters.


Tubes with most Klipsch speakers are a nice match, if you can get a nice SET tube amp, that's even better.


I'm speaking from my own personal experience, which is only a few months with different types of tube amps, and the sound stage is slightly better with a SET amp than a Push/Pull to my ears. The PP is also much better than my SS stuff though, you'll still get that clarification and better overall SQ IMO.

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