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R-28F=first Klipsch


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Not offense taken, I am in full agreement on what you say.


Only reason I stated what I did is because the OP said he wanted to keep things minimal.


What I did however on my amp, was have someone upgrade it with the circuitry, wiring, and caps. They were somewhat local, so it was a win for me. Parts sourced from China for the most part, and redone here.

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So been watching some movies with the wife this weekend.She is encouraging me to add center and surrounds. So i need to grab a multi channel receiver. I need pre outs for an external amp, sub out of course, and bluetooth connectivity.Oh and fairly cheap too.Lol Any suggestions?

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Receivers with preouts are in the $600 and up range these days, which is pretty frustrating.  I recently got a Marants NR1605 so that I can have all the features, surround sound, and at least preouts for the front two main speakers.  

Looking at the Marantz SR5008 for 389 on adcs 4 less.That might be the one for me!

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