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RW 12D after repair extreme noises below 35hz


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Hey Guys,


i finally got my Klipsch RW 12D repaired (blown sub amp had to be replaced).

Now i have the following problem. When the sub plays frequencies below 35 Hz there are extreme - wind like(chuffing)? - noises coming from within the sub. The bass is not played correctly. A bit of air comes out of the back from the sub where the electronics are. I also checked if the port tube is loose, but it isn't so this doesn't seem to be the problem.


Does anyone know what this could be?

I hope you can understand what i mean. English is not my native tongue. If you need some clarifications i try to elaborate.

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Just to close this one. The guy repairing it didn't put in all screws so the air came out of all the open holes in the back of the sub. He just put 2 screws to hold the electronic unit in place. It's funny because instead of just looking at the sub i jumped to conclusions that the guy messed up the repair. Well, next time i know better ;)


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5 minutes ago, RoboKlipsch said:

I had an entire thread about this....lol!  Glad you figured it out.  Leaks are not very noticeable on a ported sub until the low tones are played somewhat loudly, at which point the sub begins to sound like it's farting........ :)

Oh, yes... and i was so glad that the sub is repaired and while testing it with some frequencies and the problems occured i was just angry! :)

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